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Series of unfortunate events aka my trip home from work

13 Sep

I would like to tell you about my trip home from work today aka how I spent my half day vacation!
I decided that it would be nice to take a half day vacation today, because working till 8pm sucks! I had all these hopes and dreams of the stuff I was going to do, places I was going to see and so on… Well little did I know….
So 4pm comes around and I say goodbye to everyone before I frolic out the door! The bus is on time!!! We are off to a great start, right?? NO! As soon as the bus is on the ramp to enter HWY 401 (no way to turn back) the announcement comes from dispatch that the highway is closed between where we are and the next exit!! Shit! I think to myself! So here we are hanging out on the highway, not really moving anywhere ( Thank god angry man who you met in my previous posts wasn’t on it)… So about 2 hours later ( this part of journey should have only taken 30mins) the bus finally arrives at the subway station. On to the bigger and better things here, right? NOPE! The subway is delayed of course! A fire somewhere lol… Of course what else would it be???? 15 mins later subway arrives… Nothing can ever go wrong from here, not till I have I get on the next form of transportation that is! So the time comes to get on the streetcar! By this time I’ve lost all hope, thinking to myself how I should have stayed at work and that the work spirits are punishing me for having the audacity to leave early! And of course SHOCKER there is a disabled streetcar ahead. And everyone in Toronto knows that once there is a stalled streetcar it means no one behind it is moving! So we all get off, and at this point I hail a cab!! I am convinced that now nothing stands between me and home, just smooth sailing from here! YEAH SMOOTH SAILING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION! Cabbie too busy talking on his phone makes a wrong turn! After a brief argument the driver agrees to reset the meter and we are now traveling in the correct direction and I can feel my home within my reach! I made it! I’ve never been so happy to be home like I am right now! Oh home sweet home! 3.5 hours later I have finally reached you!

Moral of the story is: Do not ever ever ever leave work early! Don’t even try, because it will do you no good!

P.S I wish I was doing this right now to counteract all the stress I had to endure!!