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Series of unfortunate events aka my trip home from work

13 Sep

I would like to tell you about my trip home from work today aka how I spent my half day vacation!
I decided that it would be nice to take a half day vacation today, because working till 8pm sucks! I had all these hopes and dreams of the stuff I was going to do, places I was going to see and so on… Well little did I know….
So 4pm comes around and I say goodbye to everyone before I frolic out the door! The bus is on time!!! We are off to a great start, right?? NO! As soon as the bus is on the ramp to enter HWY 401 (no way to turn back) the announcement comes from dispatch that the highway is closed between where we are and the next exit!! Shit! I think to myself! So here we are hanging out on the highway, not really moving anywhere ( Thank god angry man who you met in my previous posts wasn’t on it)… So about 2 hours later ( this part of journey should have only taken 30mins) the bus finally arrives at the subway station. On to the bigger and better things here, right? NOPE! The subway is delayed of course! A fire somewhere lol… Of course what else would it be???? 15 mins later subway arrives… Nothing can ever go wrong from here, not till I have I get on the next form of transportation that is! So the time comes to get on the streetcar! By this time I’ve lost all hope, thinking to myself how I should have stayed at work and that the work spirits are punishing me for having the audacity to leave early! And of course SHOCKER there is a disabled streetcar ahead. And everyone in Toronto knows that once there is a stalled streetcar it means no one behind it is moving! So we all get off, and at this point I hail a cab!! I am convinced that now nothing stands between me and home, just smooth sailing from here! YEAH SMOOTH SAILING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION! Cabbie too busy talking on his phone makes a wrong turn! After a brief argument the driver agrees to reset the meter and we are now traveling in the correct direction and I can feel my home within my reach! I made it! I’ve never been so happy to be home like I am right now! Oh home sweet home! 3.5 hours later I have finally reached you!

Moral of the story is: Do not ever ever ever leave work early! Don’t even try, because it will do you no good!

P.S I wish I was doing this right now to counteract all the stress I had to endure!!



Shades of Gray

24 Jan


So here’s the thing, 50 Shades of Gray has been a pretty big phenomenon for the last little while. Everyone is reading it, those who don’t want to read it still read it because they are curious what the hype is all about (i am one of those people lol). And i think it has gotten to the point where someone sees a book with a word shades or gray, they automatically assume the book is from the 50 shades series.
Here is a conversation i had on the bus today:

I was reading a book called “Between shades of gray”. Girl sitting next to me asks:” Oh is that from the series 50 Shades of Gray”, to which i replied: “No, actually it is a book about a family that got deported to Siberia in 1941”. Let’s just say there was a lot of awkward silence after that. There is definitely no sex in this book lol…

On a side note: Why do people not take their backpacks off when they are on a packed streetcar during rush hour??? I mean no one wants to be smacked in the face by a gargantuan backpack!!

Next stop is…

22 Oct

I am usually a pretty quiet person. I don’t tell people off and mind my own business. I read a book or listen to music just to distract myself from the chaos that is going on around me. But once in a very blue moon a time comes where i cannot be quiet anymore. Now I understand that teenagers can sometimes be pretty annoying and obnoxious. I was a teenager once (mind you I think i was a pretty polite and respectful teenager) and I knew that there are times to be loud and that there are times to just tone it down.

So i was on the bus today, on my way back from work. A monday is a crappy day to begin with, and all you want after a day at work is just peace and quiet. A couple of teenagers got on the bus with me, they were maybe 15-16 years old, and one girl was particularly loud and annoying. She kept on yelling in her screechy voice, but then she started to imitate the announcement that says “next stop is so and so”. She just kept on yelling “Next stop is house” “Next stop is person walking” “Next stop is Jane street” “Next stop is still Jane street” and she just kept on repeating it over and over again. And this is where i just couldn’t take it anymore, so i turned around and said very loud “NEXT STOP IS SHUT UP!!!!”. Now i know this wasn’t the most mature thing to do, but boy did it feel good!! It felt liberating lol. Have you ever encountered any annoying people on transit that you just wanted to tell off?

Stuck on a bus

17 Sep

So it was just another day on public transit, me and my fellow passengers were just riding along on the bus. The bus stalled a few times but we didn’t think anything of it! However a few stops before the subway station, the bus completely shut down. And the worst part….. the doors weren’t opening either!! The bus driver advised us to stay calm while he played around with the system (which wasn’t budging in any way). 15 minutes later I was already debating pulling the emergency exit lever to get us out, but a more rational person behind me decided that we should try to push the door open. At first 2 men tried pushing it open, then few more joined and in the end about 15 of us were pushing this door open. We finally got it open, at which point we were rolling out that door as fast as we could, leaving the bus driver behind. Apparently he said he had to remain on the bus! I’m sure Mississauga transit eventually sent someone over to save him!!!

Poll #1… what would you do…

12 Sep

So i think we all have been there. You’re sitting on the bus and someone next to you starts falling asleep and slowly lean on your shoulder… So here’s the question! What do you do in that situation?

Transit on fire!

6 Sep

Sadly this has been a very normal week on transit. Go figure! Due to that I now have to keep on tapping into my archive of weird transit stories.

So last year, on a very hot summer day, I was riding my regular bus on highway 401. Everything was going great, when the everyone started smelling burning. Needless to say the bus driver pulled over on the shoulder of the highway to check what the issue was, at this point the smoke started coming out.

We were told to leave the bus and stand on the shoulder of the highway. We were also advised to be careful and not get hit by a car, you know the usual stuff. While we were in the process of getting out, the back of the bus caught on fire!!!!! At this point we were told to run away from the bus lol. So we stood there on the shoulder of 401 with a burning bus not too far away until another bus came to pick us up.

Of course I was late, but I had one hell of a story to tell!!