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Next stop is…

22 Oct

I am usually a pretty quiet person. I don’t tell people off and mind my own business. I read a book or listen to music just to distract myself from the chaos that is going on around me. But once in a very blue moon a time comes where i cannot be quiet anymore. Now I understand that teenagers can sometimes be pretty annoying and obnoxious. I was a teenager once (mind you I think i was a pretty polite and respectful teenager) and I knew that there are times to be loud and that there are times to just tone it down.

So i was on the bus today, on my way back from work. A monday is a crappy day to begin with, and all you want after a day at work is just peace and quiet. A couple of teenagers got on the bus with me, they were maybe 15-16 years old, and one girl was particularly loud and annoying. She kept on yelling in her screechy voice, but then she started to imitate the announcement that says “next stop is so and so”. She just kept on yelling “Next stop is house” “Next stop is person walking” “Next stop is Jane street” “Next stop is still Jane street” and she just kept on repeating it over and over again. And this is where i just couldn’t take it anymore, so i turned around and said very loud “NEXT STOP IS SHUT UP!!!!”. Now i know this wasn’t the most mature thing to do, but boy did it feel good!! It felt liberating lol. Have you ever encountered any annoying people on transit that you just wanted to tell off?