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Shades of Gray

24 Jan


So here’s the thing, 50 Shades of Gray has been a pretty big phenomenon for the last little while. Everyone is reading it, those who don’t want to read it still read it because they are curious what the hype is all about (i am one of those people lol). And i think it has gotten to the point where someone sees a book with a word shades or gray, they automatically assume the book is from the 50 shades series.
Here is a conversation i had on the bus today:

I was reading a book called “Between shades of gray”. Girl sitting next to me asks:” Oh is that from the series 50 Shades of Gray”, to which i replied: “No, actually it is a book about a family that got deported to Siberia in 1941”. Let’s just say there was a lot of awkward silence after that. There is definitely no sex in this book lol…

On a side note: Why do people not take their backpacks off when they are on a packed streetcar during rush hour??? I mean no one wants to be smacked in the face by a gargantuan backpack!!