Toe nails…

27 Sep

Please feel free to share your thoughts and stories!
I was sitting on the subway today and having this inner dialogue with myself:

Me: “Omg look at that ladies toe nails”
Me2: “I know, why would she grow them so long”
Me: “And decorate them with jewels and all”
Me2: ” I wonder if she needs to buy closed toe shoes that are size bigger?”
Me: “I dont know, maybe she just cuts out the toes..”
Me2: ” What about in winter? Is she trying out for the Guiness book of world records?”
Me: “Stop staring, you look crazy..”
Me2: “I can’t, it’s so disturbing i can’t stop looking…”

So, what are your thoughts on long toe nails???
And what is up with people that clip their nails on public transit??? Like, can’t you wait till you get home!!
End of rant….

P.S I was going to post a picture of long toe nails, but i don’t think anyone wants to see them! Instead here is a picture of a kitten! I think he just saw long toe nails…


I’m back on track

25 Sep

OMG you guys, i think i am back in the game. A encountered a super weird lady on the subway today, and i think she is secretly plotting to kill me if she ever sees me again! So this is how it all went on…

A lady gets on the subway, she looks normal, and she sits down next to me. After about a minute she asks me to trade seats (I’m sitting next to the window) because she has a very heavy bag and she needs to lean on something. Not sure how that works, but hey I am a nice person so we trade seats. Out on this huge bag sticking out is an umbrella handle shaped like a duck (please note that for future reference). So this lady is sitting next to me and is literally reading everything i am typing/reading on my phone. How did i know that you ask? Well i could feel her staring and also breathing very loudly into my ear. So just to test this out, i proceed to type on my phone screen ” This lady is reading everything i am writing right now on this phone”… At which point she proceeds to tell me “NO I AM NOT”… Ummmmmmm…. really? And then she proceeds to JAB ME IN THE RIBS WITH HER UMBRELLA DUCK SHAPED HANDLE!!! WTF… I am not a confrontational person, so i get up and stand patiently by the door waiting for my stop to come… At this point the lady is pretending that nothing happened while looking out the window!! And that was my trip home today… Hopefully my lucky streak of weirdness will continue…

This is what the umbrella handle kind of looked like!

P.S The raccoons didn’t come back to my roof, but they did tip over the garbage bin last night!

Why is weird stuff not happening???

24 Sep

So before i started writing this blog, weird stuff on transit was happening to me on a regular basis. Ever since i started writing this, all of a sudden everyone became super normal!! What the hell!! Life is not the same without weird stuff… So i am going to start writing about random stuff and somehow relate it to transit. Like, “this one day i was not too far from a bus stop, which is the property of public transit”, or “i encountered this weird person today, who i am sure earlier in the day took the subway”… that will work, right? Like for example last night i was up most of the night because a raccoon family was having a picnic outside of my window on the roof. I am sure they had to pass a bus stop (for public transit) to get to my house! Worst part… they were not scared of my banging on the window or me making scary faces. I am sure just to spite me they invited all the other neighborhood raccoons to hang out on the roof. I will let you know if more come tonight… If i make it out alive. I should ask for my best friend’s boyfriend to come over, because he is very well versed in getting rid of raccoons. But then again i dont want to smell mothballs all over the place (just to clarify, my best friend’s boyfriend does not smell like mothballs, he used mothballs to scare off raccoons)… ok I will just stop right here…

That is the roof outside of my window where raccoons hang out at night!!

Not quite on transit…

23 Sep

So my transit journeys usualy take me to and from work. This story is about work and the bloopers you make when you try to multitask and type super fast at the same time.
I work at a bank supporting staff members on policy and procedure inquiries on loans and mortgages, sometimes i help them follow up on issues associated with client requests. Here are some typos gone funny trying to follow up on those requests:

” client sold his cat and is now looking to get a lien removed…” yes your banks will now take your pets as collateral (ok not really, the guy sold his car…)

” client made a poop payment and would like to get it reversed…” see banks are flexible with the payments you make! (ok actually that was supposed to say client made a pop payment (as in principal only payment)…

I am sure whoever is reading my requests is having a blast and i am sure there are a ton more funny typos that i have missed…

Transit pet peeves

19 Sep

So taking transit on a regular basis there are a few things you notice, things start to irritate you and you start to wonder why can’t people be polite and show some manners!!! So here are a few of my pet peeves. Please feel free to comment and share yours!

1. Not letting people get off the subway. Like really, how difficult is it to wait a few seconds for people to get off.

2. When getting on the subway stopping right in front of the door. Ummmm hello!!! There are people behind you…

3. Trying to get on the bus first, when there is already a line for this particular bus…. People got here before you therefore they should get on before you!!

4. Picking your nose, an immediately touching the handlebars, or any other surface that other people are going to touch!! Ewww…that’s all i have to say

5. And a huge pet peeve of mine…. not giving up your seat to elderly, pregnant, injured, handicapped and so on…. Honestly how hard is it to stand for a few stops…

6. Also a weird one…. but i hate when people pull a “request a stop” when they know that we are arriving at a final stop… Seriously??? Where do you think this bus is gonna go??? It’s a final stop!

7. Oh and using an empty seat as your bag, foot rest when the bus/subway/streetcar are packed!! I know that your bag is super tired, but i think it will survive if it rests on the floor!

8. Oh and people eating smelly foods!! Wait till you get home!!!

So those are my few major pet peeves…what are yours?

Stuck on a bus

17 Sep

So it was just another day on public transit, me and my fellow passengers were just riding along on the bus. The bus stalled a few times but we didn’t think anything of it! However a few stops before the subway station, the bus completely shut down. And the worst part….. the doors weren’t opening either!! The bus driver advised us to stay calm while he played around with the system (which wasn’t budging in any way). 15 minutes later I was already debating pulling the emergency exit lever to get us out, but a more rational person behind me decided that we should try to push the door open. At first 2 men tried pushing it open, then few more joined and in the end about 15 of us were pushing this door open. We finally got it open, at which point we were rolling out that door as fast as we could, leaving the bus driver behind. Apparently he said he had to remain on the bus! I’m sure Mississauga transit eventually sent someone over to save him!!!

Angry Man is always angry

13 Sep

From time to time me and my fellow bus riders are graced with the presence of an angry man. This man is always always angry, he is angry that the bus has to stop at a bus stop to pick up people, he is angry that there is traffic, he is angry when someone sits next to him (noone sits next to him anymore, it could also be for the fact that he takes up almost 2 seats) and so on. And the person who always gets yelled at is the bus driver. One day we were stuck in traffic on the 427, and the angry man got very very angry!! He went up to the bus driver and started yelling that he needs to find a new route, that it is unacceptable. What was he expecting the driver to do????? We were in the middle of highway! After the “useless” driver did nothing, angry man proceeded to call Mississauga transit and yell at them to get him out of the traffic because it would be nice to be home. When the agent on the phone couldnt get him out of the traffic, he proceeded to ask for a supervisor!!! When the agent said (i’m assuming) that the manager left for the day he started yelling ” Well isnt that nice!! They get to go home while i am stuck in traffic, you get me someone on the line now!!!!!!!!!!!#@#@$#$%$#”. Everyone was so confused on the bus and felt extremelly bad for the driver. Some people even apologized to the driver on behalf of the angry man when they were getting off the bus!! How can someone be so angry?????? Mind you, i haven’t seen this man on the bus for a while. I think Mississauga transit banned him from using their services ever again. LOL