The back of the bus

2 Oct

Ok now i am really angry because i totally lost the blog entry so now i am typing it up again!!!
But here it goes…

Can someone please tell me what is wrong with the back of the bus? I am talking about the raised platform in the back on a ttc bus. Why are people afraid of the back of the bus??? Everytime i see a packed bus passing by it 9 times out of 10 has tons of room in the back! This morning for example, 3 extremely buses passed by my stop, the bus driver didn’t even bother pulling over and guess what the backs were completely empty!!! So the 4th bus comes, by this time there are quite a few of us in the bus stop. So the door opens and I get on to this crowded bus and guess what the back is of course empty. So i say loudly: ” Can everyone please move to the back because there are other people who need to get on the bus!”. Do you think anyone moved up??? NO! Everyone just pretended that they didn’t hear anything! So i asked the bus driver to ask people to moved down and his reply was: “What do you want me to do? They are not going to listen to me!”. Are you serious?? You are a bus driver how about you try and see what happens!

So please can someone tell me what is wrong with the back of the bus? Are there monsters there? Will you be forever stuck on the bus if you move to the back? Is there a black hole in the back? Are you going to die a violent death if you move up?? What is it?

Sorry i just really had to went, because this has been bugging me all day!!


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