I’m back on track

25 Sep

OMG you guys, i think i am back in the game. A encountered a super weird lady on the subway today, and i think she is secretly plotting to kill me if she ever sees me again! So this is how it all went on…

A lady gets on the subway, she looks normal, and she sits down next to me. After about a minute she asks me to trade seats (I’m sitting next to the window) because she has a very heavy bag and she needs to lean on something. Not sure how that works, but hey I am a nice person so we trade seats. Out on this huge bag sticking out is an umbrella handle shaped like a duck (please note that for future reference). So this lady is sitting next to me and is literally reading everything i am typing/reading on my phone. How did i know that you ask? Well i could feel her staring and also breathing very loudly into my ear. So just to test this out, i proceed to type on my phone screen ” This lady is reading everything i am writing right now on this phone”… At which point she proceeds to tell me “NO I AM NOT”… Ummmmmmm…. really? And then she proceeds to JAB ME IN THE RIBS WITH HER UMBRELLA DUCK SHAPED HANDLE!!! WTF… I am not a confrontational person, so i get up and stand patiently by the door waiting for my stop to come… At this point the lady is pretending that nothing happened while looking out the window!! And that was my trip home today… Hopefully my lucky streak of weirdness will continue…

This is what the umbrella handle kind of looked like!

P.S The raccoons didn’t come back to my roof, but they did tip over the garbage bin last night!


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