Why is weird stuff not happening???

24 Sep

So before i started writing this blog, weird stuff on transit was happening to me on a regular basis. Ever since i started writing this, all of a sudden everyone became super normal!! What the hell!! Life is not the same without weird stuff… So i am going to start writing about random stuff and somehow relate it to transit. Like, “this one day i was not too far from a bus stop, which is the property of public transit”, or “i encountered this weird person today, who i am sure earlier in the day took the subway”… that will work, right? Like for example last night i was up most of the night because a raccoon family was having a picnic outside of my window on the roof. I am sure they had to pass a bus stop (for public transit) to get to my house! Worst part… they were not scared of my banging on the window or me making scary faces. I am sure just to spite me they invited all the other neighborhood raccoons to hang out on the roof. I will let you know if more come tonight… If i make it out alive. I should ask for my best friend’s boyfriend to come over, because he is very well versed in getting rid of raccoons. But then again i dont want to smell mothballs all over the place (just to clarify, my best friend’s boyfriend does not smell like mothballs, he used mothballs to scare off raccoons)… ok I will just stop right here…

That is the roof outside of my window where raccoons hang out at night!!


2 Responses to “Why is weird stuff not happening???”

  1. Marianna Annadanna September 24, 2012 at 8:47 pm #

    Weird stuff happens to me on the bus a lot! And I have a whole “commuter chronicles” label on my blog to prove it. Once weird guy seemed to want to steal my ereader and then her GRABBED MY LEG.

    • Agnes.K September 24, 2012 at 8:55 pm #

      Transit is a prefect setting for awkward and weird situations! But I am going through a dry spell of transit weirdness since I started writing the blog… I’m about to do weird stuff on transit so I can write about it! I promise not to grab anyone’s leg though!

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