Not quite on transit…

23 Sep

So my transit journeys usualy take me to and from work. This story is about work and the bloopers you make when you try to multitask and type super fast at the same time.
I work at a bank supporting staff members on policy and procedure inquiries on loans and mortgages, sometimes i help them follow up on issues associated with client requests. Here are some typos gone funny trying to follow up on those requests:

” client sold his cat and is now looking to get a lien removed…” yes your banks will now take your pets as collateral (ok not really, the guy sold his car…)

” client made a poop payment and would like to get it reversed…” see banks are flexible with the payments you make! (ok actually that was supposed to say client made a pop payment (as in principal only payment)…

I am sure whoever is reading my requests is having a blast and i am sure there are a ton more funny typos that i have missed…


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