Stuck on a bus

17 Sep

So it was just another day on public transit, me and my fellow passengers were just riding along on the bus. The bus stalled a few times but we didn’t think anything of it! However a few stops before the subway station, the bus completely shut down. And the worst part….. the doors weren’t opening either!! The bus driver advised us to stay calm while he played around with the system (which wasn’t budging in any way). 15 minutes later I was already debating pulling the emergency exit lever to get us out, but a more rational person behind me decided that we should try to push the door open. At first 2 men tried pushing it open, then few more joined and in the end about 15 of us were pushing this door open. We finally got it open, at which point we were rolling out that door as fast as we could, leaving the bus driver behind. Apparently he said he had to remain on the bus! I’m sure Mississauga transit eventually sent someone over to save him!!!


One Response to “Stuck on a bus”

  1. TBM September 18, 2012 at 8:03 am #

    Public transportation is always great, until it doesn’t work. I used to ride the subway and buses daily in Boston. it was an adventure. I hope someone did rescue the bus driver.

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