Angry Man is always angry

13 Sep

From time to time me and my fellow bus riders are graced with the presence of an angry man. This man is always always angry, he is angry that the bus has to stop at a bus stop to pick up people, he is angry that there is traffic, he is angry when someone sits next to him (noone sits next to him anymore, it could also be for the fact that he takes up almost 2 seats) and so on. And the person who always gets yelled at is the bus driver. One day we were stuck in traffic on the 427, and the angry man got very very angry!! He went up to the bus driver and started yelling that he needs to find a new route, that it is unacceptable. What was he expecting the driver to do????? We were in the middle of highway! After the “useless” driver did nothing, angry man proceeded to call Mississauga transit and yell at them to get him out of the traffic because it would be nice to be home. When the agent on the phone couldnt get him out of the traffic, he proceeded to ask for a supervisor!!! When the agent said (i’m assuming) that the manager left for the day he started yelling ” Well isnt that nice!! They get to go home while i am stuck in traffic, you get me someone on the line now!!!!!!!!!!!#@#@$#$%$#”. Everyone was so confused on the bus and felt extremelly bad for the driver. Some people even apologized to the driver on behalf of the angry man when they were getting off the bus!! How can someone be so angry?????? Mind you, i haven’t seen this man on the bus for a while. I think Mississauga transit banned him from using their services ever again. LOL


2 Responses to “Angry Man is always angry”

  1. PierreNick September 13, 2012 at 11:43 pm #

    LOL! I’ve seen people like that before!
    Behold the uber anger!


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    […] think to myself! So here we are hanging out on the highway, not really moving anywhere ( Thank god angry man who you met in my previous posts wasn’t on it)… So about 2 hours later ( this part of […]

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