Escalator lesson learnt #1

11 Sep

Do not wear open toe sandals and run up the escalator… thats the lesson i learnt today. This didn’t happen on transit, but it happened in a subway station so i guess this still related to transit! I was running late this morning and as soon as i got off the subway i proceeded to run up the moving escalator to catch my bus!! What a bad idea it was… I didnt lift my foot high enough the sole of my sandal cought oh the step and i prodeeded to fall up the steps! To make the situation worse, i hit my both big toes against the steps and bruising them pretty bad in the process! But the worst part was since this was during the rush hour, i proceeded to cause a mild pile-up on the escalator!! Needless to say after i magaged to get up and leave the escalator i did not look back or sideways, because i was beyond embarassed!! I also spent the whole day being afaraid of stairs. I am obviously not the most coordinated person!! Share your emarassing stories with me!


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