Transit on fire!

6 Sep

Sadly this has been a very normal week on transit. Go figure! Due to that I now have to keep on tapping into my archive of weird transit stories.

So last year, on a very hot summer day, I was riding my regular bus on highway 401. Everything was going great, when the everyone started smelling burning. Needless to say the bus driver pulled over on the shoulder of the highway to check what the issue was, at this point the smoke started coming out.

We were told to leave the bus and stand on the shoulder of the highway. We were also advised to be careful and not get hit by a car, you know the usual stuff. While we were in the process of getting out, the back of the bus caught on fire!!!!! At this point we were told to run away from the bus lol. So we stood there on the shoulder of 401 with a burning bus not too far away until another bus came to pick us up.

Of course I was late, but I had one hell of a story to tell!!


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