When people are desperate to get a seat…

5 Sep

So this happened to me a while ago…

I was on my regular bus which i take every day, it was packed and every seat was taken. I was sitting in my seat minding my own business, when a very confused lady got on. Instead of accepting the fact that the bus is full and that she will probably have to stand, she tried to squeeze into a non-existent seat between me and a man i was sitting next to. Needless to say i was very confused. She tried her best to squeez in by resting one asscheek on my lap and the other one on the imaginary space between me and this man. When i tried to tell her that where she was attempting to sit was not an actual seat, she dismissed me by a wave of her hand…

The best part was, after puting in so much effort to sit, the lady realized she was on the wrong bus… So much effort for nothing….


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